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Affiliated with DOGS NSW

Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment in which our members can train their dogs to be obedient companions, whilst at the same time promoting responsible dog ownership within the community.

We achieve this through providing instructors that offer a wide range of knowledge and experience in canine disciplines and training techniques. This enables members who wish to pursue those competitive dog sports registered with the state's controlling body (Dogs NSW) the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.

Members not entering competitive sports are able to enjoy a range of activities to assist them in developing a well behaved canine companion whilst at the same time fully enjoying all that owning a dog has to offer.

Please visit our Membership page for details. Please contact our training coordinator for all membership enquiries via the Contact page


Latest News

Triple RATG September 2022

A successful RATG was held at Tocal Agricultural College. View the results here

Training Field

Ernie Jurd Oval (Largs Park), Largs Ave., Largs, NSW, 2320. Full details on our Contact page


Our club prides itself in holding well run annual trials, with no shortage of wonderful volunteers who band together to make our trials the success they are. To watch these people work together and enjoy the weekend makes you very proud to be a member of Maitland Dog Obedience Club.

Event Calendar

Tuesday 28th March 2023 9:58 am Sydney Time


Start Date:


End Time:



Tocal Agricultural Collage

Event Description:

Training Recommences

Start Date:



Largs Oval, Largs

Event Description:

For current members only! Please note, due to summer weather conditions the start time is now 8:00am.

Beginners' Intake and Training

Start Date:



Largs Oval, Largs

Event Description:

Please note, due to summer weather conditions the start time is now 8:00am.

In training a dog never forget that you yourself must be just as eager over the task as the dog, for he is ever responsive to the royal mood.

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