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  • Welcome page - General introduction and statement of purpose. Our web address is "www.maitlanddogobedience.asn.au"
  • Membership - Details about joining the club
  • Puppy School - Information about raising a puppy
  • Photos - Latest trial photos
  • Trials - Latest schedule and trial results
  • Contact - Contact details for the club
  • Links - Outbound links to dog related sites
Tocal Parade

Tocal Field Days, May 2013

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17/03/2021 - Obedience and RATG schedule

28/10/2020 - Re-instituted Puppy School Page

29/08/2020 - Added News page

03/06/2020 - Covid-19 updates

14/03/2020 - Draft July Schedule

28/09/2019 - RATG Results

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