Obedience Trial & GWT July 2010 Results



Perpetual Trophies - Sunday 18th July

Trophy – Highest Scoring C.C.D. Donated by Jennifer and Noel Upson
V. Menz & Torlene Lucys Luv

Presidents Trophy – Highest Scoring Novice
A. Dean & Jewelden Winston Lad C.C.D.

Patrons Trophy – Highest Scoring Open
N. Nahas & Ramorra Montgommery U.D.

Glemaray Kennels Trophy - Highest Scoring Utility Dog Donated by Ray and Marie Sapwell
J. Phillips & O.Ch. Yellowfetch Bentley Essex

Maitland City Council - Highest Scoring Club Member
M. McDonald & Fetchpoint Fish Out Of Water

George Howarth Memorial Trophy – Highest Heeling in Open by Club Member
H. Museth & Peerilee Th Moon Is Blue C.D.

Highest Scoring Recall by club Member-- Donated by Carol & Jerry Cassidy
W. Flaks & Elenbah Extras Exposed C.C.D.

Highest Scoring CCD Heeling by Club Member donated by Annette and Margaret Connors
K. Moller & Pepsi

Idgie Memorial Trophy – Highest Scoring German Shepherd – Donated by Vicki Sellwood and Roddy Macdonald
N. Nahas & Ramorra Montgommery U.D.

Highest Scoring Gundog Working Test “Open” Donated by Getreu Kennels
A. Hopson & Runcorn Choco Delight C.D.

Highest Scoring Gundog Working Test Novice Donated by Helen & Steve Grainger
M. McDonald & Ch. Yellowfetch Mr Sandman C.D.X.

Obedience Trial - Saturday 17th July

CCD - Miss R. McDonald NSW
1st Australian Cattle Dog Waiiri Lysander (Mrs S. Higgingbotham)
2nd Associate Register Rusty (Ms M. Kenna)
3rd Golden Retriever Fetchnpoint Fish Out Of Water (Mrs M. & Mr C. Mcdonald)

Novice - Mrs M. Deakes VIC
1st Golden Retriever Jeweleden Winston Ladd C.C.D. (Ms A. Dean)
2nd Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Lwillows Reuben Berman C.C.D. (T. & Mrs C. Berman)
3rd Border Collie Gadhar Miss Hissy Fit C.C.D. (Mrs J. Stanley)

Open - Mr G. Bartolo NSW
1st German Shepherd Dog Ramorra Montgommery U.D. (Mr N. Nahas)
2nd Golden Retriever Annacon Tarkus Charmus C.D. (Mrs P. Sedgers)
3rd Golden Retriever Perrecca Xpresso Gold C.D.X. (Mr N & Mrs Z. Bates)

Open - Mr R. Ashman VIC
1st Poodle (Miniature) CH. Kellyvix Be Boppa Boy U.D. (Mrs M. Foord)
2nd Sporting Register What Know Lilalfie C.D.X. (Mr S. Davies & Mr R. Bowe)
3rd Labrador Retriever Branbern Silk Suit C.D. (Ms F. Nivison-Furner)

Utility - Mr L. Kuipers ACT
1st Golden Retriever O.CH. Yellowfetch Bentleyessex (Mr J. Phillips)

Novice - Ms P. Lyons NSW
1st Golden Retriever CH. Yellowfetch Mr Sandman C.D.X. (Mrs M. Mcdonald)
2nd Golden Retriever Dykinta Firefly C.D.X. (Mrs A. Yerbury)
3rd Labrador Retriever Wedunit Empress Nova (Mr R. Brown)

Open - Ms P. Lyons NSW
1st Cocker Spaniel Runcorn Choco Delight C.D. J.D. (Mrs A Hopson)
2nd Golden Retriever Kenzanne Hayleys Comet C.D.X. (Mr J. & Mrs S. Batchelor)

Sunday 18th July

CCD - Mr R. Probert (NSW)
1st Border Collie Torlene Lucys Luv (Ms V Menz)
2nd German Shepherd Dog Rhakhani Quick To Chase (Mr I & Mrs M. Rudnas)
3rd German Shepherd Dog Skyesfuhre Oz Sugar N Spice (Mrs G. Sedgers)

Novice - Mr R. Ashman (VIC)
1st Australian Shepherd Stars Emperor Of The Ring C.C.D. (IMP USA) (Mrs G. Grahame)

Open - Mr L. Kuipers (ACT)
1st German Shepherd Dog Skyesfuhre Focus Onastar C.D.X. (Mrs G. De Vries)
2nd German Shepherd Dog Ramorra Montgommery U.D. (Mr N. Nahas)
3rd Golden Retriever Perrecca Xpresso Gold C.D.X. (Mr N. & Mrs Z. Bates)

Open - Mrs M. Deakes (VIC)
1st Sporting Register Smudgeofink C.D.X. (Mrs S. Greentree)
2nd Border Collie O.CH. Glenloy Bonnie Baillie DWDF.A. HTM.N. U.D. A.D.X. A.D.O. J.D.X. J.D.O. G.D. S.P.D. E.T. (Mr D W & Mrs J E Turley)
3rd Border Collie Waminda Lucy Belle U.D. (Mrs C. Blanch)

Utility - Mr G. Bartolo (NSW)
1st Border Collie Waminda Lucy Belle U.D. (Mrs C. Blanch)

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